The Penedès jam


We run a family business that inherited a long tradition in the field and the cultivation of vines dating back to the seventeenth century.

Our love and appreciation for the land has led us to look for alternatives in the production of the grape, which is our raw material, and offering consumers new flavors.

“Vinyet jams are made 100% from grapes, without added sugar.”

where we are

Our vineyards are located in the middle of the Penedès where the influence of the sun and the Mediterranean make it a privileged area for growing vines.

We have vineyards in the municipalities of Pla del Penedès and specifically in CA L’AVI, a village of Subirats. We also have a workshop built in 2011 to produce jams complying with the requirements of food safety regulations.

Grape Varieties


It is a white grape variety.

The grain is medium sized, of an amber yellow colour, easy detachment, consistent husk, fleshy and with a clear Muscat flavour. Its berries are medium, semi compact. The vines are moderately vigorous, with early sprouts and robust vine shoots and vegetation relatively balanced.


Xarel.lo is a white grape variety.

Xarel·lo grape is the most cultivated in the Penedès with an area exceeding 7,000 hectares and enjoys an excellent adaptation to the terroir and climate of the Penedès. It is a rustic plant with early sprouts and regular growth .

It is resistant to drought and heat and it has a very balanced and qualitative production more and more accentuated every year in older vines.


Macabeo is a white grape variety native to Catalonia.

The bunch of grapes Macabeo is compact and large. The grain is medium and sweet , with golden color and thin skin. It has a slow sprout growth, it is resistant to frost and drought, but it is sensitive to diseases.

It is said that it owes its name to the biblical tribe of Maccabees. Its origin seems to be in the basin of the Ebro.


Merlot is a red grape variety, productive and of early sprout growth. The merlot bunch is cylindrical, small and sparse. The grain is small, thick-skinned, blue-black and with sweet flesh.

The name comes from the French diminutive mirlo, probably for the similarity with the black plumage of the bird.

Merlot is originally from the Bordeaux region, where it is the most cultivated variety. It has become an international variety.


The Tempranillo is a red grape variety .

The bunch of Tempranillo is extended and compact. The grain is medium bluish black and with a hard skin. The late sprout makes it very sensitive to spring frosts. It is considered native to Rioja.

It grows best at relatively high altitudes, but can tolerate more temperate climates.

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